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The Shimmering Mist Tribe

Deep in a forest, filled with ancient lore and mystery beyond what any kittypet could believe, Away from the noise of twoleg monsters and their strange square dens lives a tribe of wild cats. Their ways are unfamiliar and their beliefs lost to the clans of the younger forests and meadows beyond their territory...

Tribe Camp Mystical_forest_by_ferdinandladera-d5bmtmh

In the midst of tall trees and colorful fauna lays a brook of water as clear as crystal that shimmers like starlight on a full moon. On either side stands two ancient sycamore trees whose roots, gnarled and strong created a space for the first of the tribe to make their home and have housed their decedents for hundreds of thousands of moons. The trees stretch high into the sky and are believed to be able to touch the silver spotted pelt in the sky the tribe cats call The Great Spotted Spirit, for no cat had ever been brave enough to prove this wrong.

Under the roots of the left sycamore, where they branch into an arch and into the brook is where the cats that have proven themselves capable fighters and hunters dwell along with the young cats in training. When the roots protection of outside forces is thicker and lead deeper into the dug out burrows under the roots it is safe and warm, lined with moss, feathers, and leaves is where mothers nurse their kits.

The thick roots that burrow themselves deep into the waters of the brook cage in an island where members of the tribe meet as they listen to their leaders announcements on the root-path adjoining the two trees from above. Pale grey stones jut out of the island, sharp and deadly to those who slip while far up into the branched of the sacred trees that house them.

Continuing up the root-path and into the tree on the right, you must scale the gnarled roots and vines to a nook in the tree's base with moss and bracken flowing out of it is where the tribe leader dwells along with their mate. Under them, in the cover of the roots is another small hollow where the council of elders sleep.

Thick forest surrounds the camp with all but a clear view of the sky above where the brook runs through the camp. To the east, just slightly separated from the sacred trees the brook is feed by a small waterfall from a rock, vine covered cliff. There is another, smaller tree with a hallow dug out through the roots that is the healers den and perfect for keeping herbs out of the water.

Behind the waterfall there is a small cavern where tribe leaders meet privately with there council and healer.

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