Outside of Camp

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Outside of Camp

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:18 pm

To the south, the trees clear out for the most part to let the sunlight in and shine down onto a clears of uneven ground where boulders jut out and branches twist and turn in the air. The ground is covered in dead plants, which make for soft padding, yet slipper. This is where young cats are trained in hunting and fighting until they are fully integrated into tribe life.

Continuing down to the south east, where the tree line gets steadily thiner there is the strong, pleasing scent of blooming bluebell flowers the tribe cats call this area Blue Path. The sun shine bright here as the forest opens up to nothing but meadows and others wooded area's in the distance. It would take a good few moons to locate a collection of twoleg dens if you really wanted to.

There is an old elders tale about the Blue Path, if two cats were to ever meet there by chance, then they were bound to each other until their deaths.


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