Admin's Character Drabble's

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Admin's Character Drabble's

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:54 pm

Khepri and Sindri

"No, No!" The door slammed shut in finality, Khepri leaning heavily on the hallway wall. Her turquoise eyes cold and sharp in their rage.

"Stupid bosmer, this is my fight! My problem! Khepri did not ask for you to interferer!" the enraged Khajiit woman yelled at the closed door, as if Breyela could hear her and obey. But there was no hint that she was heard, Khepri shrieked in aggravation, fist slamming against the wall with a harsh bang.

Her arm pulsed with pain. A low, feral growl left her as her bodies pain returned full force.

"Damn it..." she spat.

There was a shuffling behind her and the fur on the back of her neck rose.

"Khepri, you must lay back down." her shoulders hitched and she curled in to herself at the sound of Sindri's concerned voice.

"This one does not want rest, it wants that damn bosmer to stay out of my business."

"She's only trying to help," a large, calloused hand slid over her bare shoulder "She is a good friend to you, and only wants to do the honorable thing by--"

Honor...?" Khepri muttered. "What has honor ever done for Khepri?" her breath left her in a bitter laugh. She turned her head and Sindri could see the needle thin point of her pupil. He pursed his lips, ever concerned for the woman. In her weakened, bandaged state she surely wasn't thinking clearly.

"A lot of things, I am sure. Please, Khepri, come lay back down before you reopen those wounds." he squeezed her shoulder, preparing to help her lean on him, so he could help her rest. But suddenly, her clawed hand was slapping his away.

"Enough!" she yelled. "Khepri is tired of you, of everyone--butting into matters that have nothing to do with you! I can handle this on my own! You can take your notion of 'honor' and shove it pale-face."

A stab of pain shot right through Sindri, even as he goes to grab the khajiit again. She was so angry, he couldn't understand, they only wanted to help. Why reject her friends so vehemently, why reject him? Why deny herself time to heal before she goes off to do something stupid like fight a bunch of thugs that have already come so close to killing her once? His face crumbles at the racial slur she called him.

"Khep--" his hand reaches to cup her cheek.

"Stop touching me!" her claws lunge forward, tearing the nords skin until blood pebbled out of the shallow cuts. Sindri stared at her, then his hand as it pulsed with heat and blood. He let out a frustrated sigh before standing at his full height--he towers over the dark brown and spotted woman.

She looks up at him, eyes wide, and pupils slit like a cornered predator. He looks down at her and all is quite as the tension builds between them.

Never had he thought he'd be able to raise his hand against her again, not since he accepted his feelings for this impossible, infuriating creature that seemed to do everything in her power to rile him up, to corrupt him...and he was, trying to save her from herself.

The gods must be laughing at him.

Sindri's arms shot out from his sides and slammed onto the wall, trapping the wide eyed khajiit between them both.

"What are you--"

"Shut up."

Khepri's jaw promptly fell open at the angry rumble of his deep voice. Never had he defied her before, at least, not like this. Sindri was never angry--exasperated, yes--angry no. She felt her back against the wall and realized she had no feasible way to run. It hurt to bend down.

"Khepri, I found you in a dirty back alley in a puddle of your own blood. I--we almost lost you! There are no healers in Riften, Breyela nearly exhausted herself making sure you didn't die from internal bleeding."

"Khepri did not ask--"

"You didn't have to, Khepri, she would have done it anyways."

"This is Khepri's problem."

Sindri let out another growl, his fists clenched.

"Let her deal with it, you have to heal."

"I don't--"

Sindri moved in swiftly, his lips pushing against hers with a brutal force to knock the back of her head against the wall.

He had never kissed a khajiit before until this tiny, damnable daedra spawn popped into his life. She didn't have actual cat whiskers, but the soft fur of her muzzle was an odd but not all together unpleasant sensation against her bottom lip. He could feel her sharper, pronounced canines from the force of which he pressed his lips against hers. She was tense under him when he pulled away to lock their eyes together.

"Haven't I made it abundantly clear that I can hardly go a day without trying to get you to notice and accept me? If you go out there and get killed I will be far more lost than I am trying to chase your tail out of the shadows that you so love."

He brings a hand to her cheek this time, thumb brushing gently against where it had been swollen when he first found her. She is frozen in place, much like how he typically is when she is in his space. For once he is thankful for this role reversal.

"I refuse to let you throw me away just because I refuse you, just this once." Then he kisses her again for good measure.

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Re: Admin's Character Drabble's

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:18 pm

It was beginning to be a regular thing now, whenever everyone was out of Riften doing their own thing. Khepri, off screwing around with roadside bandits, Laelette and Xal-Kee up in Winterhold as she studies, Breyela as she goes out on jobs, and the off chance Alias has traveled from Raven Rock to spend time with his long distance lover. Some how, they would all end up in Khepri's Lakeview Manor, spoiling the khajiits' two charges with stories of adventure and eatting the good meals her house karl made for the boisterous group of miscreants.

Tonight was one such night, the children long put to bed and the group enjoying a few drinks and pointless discussion.

It was during one of these pointless discussions that Laelette, sitting at the table with her argonian companion at her side and drinking a non alcoholic beverage furrows her brow at the discussion between Khepri, Breyela, and Alias.

"I never really understood that." she speaks, and the trio of thieves turns her way. She continues, face straight and ponderous.

"How could a spear take all night to polish? It's a piece of wood with a bit of metal on the tip?"

Beside her, Xal-Kee chokes on the mead he was drinking. He lurched forward and wheezes; Laelette frets and rubbes his back in concern at his sudden bout of 'down the wrong tube'.

The trio stare at the breton girl with varying expressions of disbelief.

Alias is the first to break the silence.

"Well actually--" the wood elf finds a painful punch to his arm interrupting his education of the youngest in their group and turns his wounded look to his wood elf lover. Breyela is sending him a glare, the kind that brooked no argument as she just mutters the word "no".

"Xal-Kee, be careful next time. Honestly, what about polishing a man's spear choked you up like that?" Laelette sighed. The white argonian made a wheezing strangled noise as he drops his head into his hand. The scaleless parts of his neck seemed to turn blue as a sign that typically meant blood rushing to the reptilian mans face.

Alias too bit his lip as the moment proved hard to not go without a comment.

And then another voice entered th conversation from the side of Khepri that Breyela wasn't sitting on.

"I know right? In the first place, why did he give the spear to a maid? Surely if he brought the spear to a blacksmith it would have been taken care of." Sindri comments with his own innocent confusion.

There is a bang and the group vaguely see Xal-Kee's head make contact with the table and another strangled gurgling noise from the mute creature.

"Well, actually--" Alias begins again, but is yet again thwarted by another harsh punch to his arm by Breyela.

And then, from the ensuing silence:

"Oh Deblia, there's two of them!" Khepri hisses to no one in particular.

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