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Khepri and Sindri

"No, No!" The door slammed shut in finality, Khepri leaning heavily on the hallway wall. Her turquoise eyes cold and sharp in their rage.

"Stupid bosmer, this is my fight! My problem! Khepri did not ask for you to interferer!" the enraged Khajiit woman yelled at the closed door, as if Breyela could hear her and obey. But there was no hint that she was heard, Khepri shrieked in aggravation, fist slamming against the wall with a harsh bang.

Her arm pulsed with pain. A low, feral growl left her as her bodies pain returned full force.

"Damn it..." she spat.

There was a shuffling behind her and the fur on the back of her neck rose.

"Khepri, you must lay back down." her shoulders hitched and she curled in to herself at the sound of Sindri's concerned voice.

"This one does not want rest, it wants that damn bosmer to stay out of my business."

"She's only trying to help," a large, calloused hand slid over her bare shoulder "She is a good friend to you, and only wants to do the honorable thing by--"

Honor...?" Khepri muttered. "What has honor ever done for Khepri?" her breath left her in a bitter laugh. She turned her head and Sindri could see the needle thin point of her pupil. He pursed his lips, ever concerned for the woman. In her weakened, bandaged state she surely wasn't thinking clearly.

"A lot of things, I am sure. Please, Khepri, come lay back down before you reopen those wounds." he squeezed her shoulder, preparing to help her lean on him, so he could help her rest. But suddenly, her clawed hand was slapping his away.

"Enough!" she yelled. "Khepri is tired of you, of everyone--butting into matters that have nothing to do with you! I can handle this on my own! You can take your notion of 'honor' and shove it pale-face."

A stab of pain shot right through Sindri, even as he goes to grab the khajiit again. She was so angry, he couldn't understand, they only wanted to help. Why reject her friends so vehemently, why reject him? Why deny herself time to heal before she goes off to do something stupid like fight a bunch of thugs that have already come so close to killing her once? His face crumbles at the racial slur she called him.

"Khep--" his hand reaches to cup her cheek.

"Stop touching me!" her claws lunge forward, tearing the nords skin until blood pebbled out of the shallow cuts. Sindri stared at her, then his hand as it pulsed with heat and blood. He let out a frustrated sigh before standing at his full height--he towers over the dark brown and spotted woman.

She looks up at him, eyes wide, and pupils slit like a cornered predator. He looks down at her and all is quite as the tension builds between them.

Never had he thought he'd be able to raise his hand against her again, not since he accepted his feelings for this impossible, infuriating creature that seemed to do everything in her power to rile him up, to corrupt him...and he was, trying to save her from herself.

The gods must be laughing at him.

Sindri's arms shot out from his sides and slammed onto the wall, trapping the wide eyed khajiit between them both.

"What are you--"

"Shut up."

Khepri's jaw promptly fell open at the angry rumble of his deep voice. Never had he defied her before, at least, not like this. Sindri was never angry--exasperated, yes--angry no. She felt her back against the wall and realized she had no feasible way to run. It hurt to bend down.

"Khepri, I found you in a dirty back alley in a puddle of your own blood. I--we almost lost you! There are no healers in Riften, Breyela nearly exhausted herself making sure you didn't die from internal bleeding."

"Khepri did not ask--"

"You didn't have to, Khepri, she would have done it anyways."

"This is Khepri's problem."

Sindri let out another growl, his fists clenched.

"Let her deal with it, you have to heal."

"I don't--"

Sindri moved in swiftly, his lips pushing against hers with a brutal force to knock the back of her head against the wall.

He had never kissed a khajiit before until this tiny, damnable daedra spawn popped into his life. She didn't have actual cat whiskers, but the soft fur of her muzzle was an odd but not all together unpleasant sensation against her bottom lip. He could feel her sharper, pronounced canines from the force of which he pressed his lips against hers. She was tense under him when he pulled away to lock their eyes together.

"Haven't I made it abundantly clear that I can hardly go a day without trying to get you to notice and accept me? If you go out there and get killed I will be far more lost than I am trying to chase your tail out of the shadows that you so love."

He brings a hand to her cheek this time, thumb brushing gently against where it had been swollen when he first found her. She is frozen in place, much like how he typically is when she is in his space. For once he is thankful for this role reversal.

"I refuse to let you throw me away just because I refuse you, just this once." Then he kisses her again for good measure.

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Post by Admin on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:18 pm

It was beginning to be a regular thing now, whenever everyone was out of Riften doing their own thing. Khepri, off screwing around with roadside bandits, Laelette and Xal-Kee up in Winterhold as she studies, Breyela as she goes out on jobs, and the off chance Alias has traveled from Raven Rock to spend time with his long distance lover. Some how, they would all end up in Khepri's Lakeview Manor, spoiling the khajiits' two charges with stories of adventure and eatting the good meals her house karl made for the boisterous group of miscreants.

Tonight was one such night, the children long put to bed and the group enjoying a few drinks and pointless discussion.

It was during one of these pointless discussions that Laelette, sitting at the table with her argonian companion at her side and drinking a non alcoholic beverage furrows her brow at the discussion between Khepri, Breyela, and Alias.

"I never really understood that." she speaks, and the trio of thieves turns her way. She continues, face straight and ponderous.

"How could a spear take all night to polish? It's a piece of wood with a bit of metal on the tip?"

Beside her, Xal-Kee chokes on the mead he was drinking. He lurched forward and wheezes; Laelette frets and rubbes his back in concern at his sudden bout of 'down the wrong tube'.

The trio stare at the breton girl with varying expressions of disbelief.

Alias is the first to break the silence.

"Well actually--" the wood elf finds a painful punch to his arm interrupting his education of the youngest in their group and turns his wounded look to his wood elf lover. Breyela is sending him a glare, the kind that brooked no argument as she just mutters the word "no".

"Xal-Kee, be careful next time. Honestly, what about polishing a man's spear choked you up like that?" Laelette sighed. The white argonian made a wheezing strangled noise as he drops his head into his hand. The scaleless parts of his neck seemed to turn blue as a sign that typically meant blood rushing to the reptilian mans face.

Alias too bit his lip as the moment proved hard to not go without a comment.

And then another voice entered th conversation from the side of Khepri that Breyela wasn't sitting on.

"I know right? In the first place, why did he give the spear to a maid? Surely if he brought the spear to a blacksmith it would have been taken care of." Sindri comments with his own innocent confusion.

There is a bang and the group vaguely see Xal-Kee's head make contact with the table and another strangled gurgling noise from the mute creature.

"Well, actually--" Alias begins again, but is yet again thwarted by another harsh punch to his arm by Breyela.

And then, from the ensuing silence:

"Oh Deblia, there's two of them!" Khepri hisses to no one in particular.

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Admin's Character Drabble's Empty I kind of cant wrap my head around just how much i love these two

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:08 am

So here's the first one, the one where Lae inadvertently turns Kee on...Because this is what keeps me up at night...thinking of ways an innocent young woman can turn on a lizard man. lol  

It was cold. Too cold, if Xal-Kee was asked. But then again, even if he was he wouldn't be able to say much of anything beyond a hiss or a gurgle.

So despite every chance he took to try and warn all the stupid people with him and his stupid Breton girl that it was going to rain soon (And maybe we should find a place to stop now because if his blood gets any colder than now he will simply pass out and be damn useless). And where Laelette was involved he could not be useless. She was defenseless with that magic repressing rune collar around her neck.

His obnoxious hand motions and attempts to throw Laelette over his shoulder and stalk back to the inn the group passed by twenty minutes ago were thwarted by the Bosmer that kept thinking he was trying to have his wicked way with his Breton.

Xal-Kee has to roll his eyes.

As if his silly woman-child was of any interest to him in that way. Preposterous.

She was far too pure for the likes of such carnal endeavors and he would not stand for Laelette to be exposed to such...things.

Regardless to his failed attempts to get his Laelette to a more comfortable shelter with fire and food, the group consisting of him, Laelette, Khepri, and Breyela were cramped into a cold, dripping cave that was hardly big enough for them all.

As such, Xal-Kee had made in a point to keep his shivering charge warm be keeping her in his lap and wrapping  himself around her. His own tail lay heavily in her own lap and he sighed as she ran her delicate fingers over it in long, soothing pets.

It was dark and the other two were already asleep. His Breton was having a hard time getting comfortable.

Laelette huffed and leaned back against Kee to glance up at him. He stared back.

"This isn't working."

It would work just fine if you didn't move as much. Kee thought to himself before leaning his own head back against the cave wall in exasperation.

"The ground is cold, I can't sleep sitting up." Laelette continued to whisper her complaints. "Kee, let me lay down."

Without another sound Kee shifted lower to the ground so he was laying down, the cave just deep enough that stretching out his legs didn't get them caught outside. Then he help his charge turn to face him. that Xal-Kee can see better now adjusted to the light isn't well...Kee blinked up at the figure on top of him, her skirts pulled up from wriggling and shifting so much, her leggings protected her mostly, but they were still littered with holes. The braids her bright hair had so painstakingly been put in ha long since been torn out and needed a good brush. She leaned in closer to him, curling around him and pulling his cloak to wrap around them both in a little cocoon of warmth.

Kee lay absolutely still, arms at his side, unsure what to do with them. Laelette may only be a young woman, but she was still a woman, and suddenly Kee found himself regretting her demands of letting her lay down. Because there really was only one feasible place she could lay without the ground sucking away too much of her warmth. Kee swallowed thickly as his Breton contently lay her head on his chest and breathed out. He shivered as it brushed his collarbone.

"Kee, are you still cold?" Laelette fretted, every breath a tease against his collarbone. He wanted to say no, or shake his head, because maybe this was a bad idea, he'd never been particularly close with a woman of any race. His first owner, an Argonian shaman had been a woman. But she hadn't been nearly as soft and small as his breton. The feeling of her body pressed against his wasn't unpleasant either, just...not expected. The space where their bodies pressed closely to one another was warm, he could feel every breath she took and found their breaths in sync. It was so unbarably comfortable he had to keep his arms from encircling her, bringing her closer to him, wrapping his tail around her a leg so she couldn't escape.

His thoughts were getting dangerous. He shouldn't think things like this. He can read Laelette like a...ok so no, he can't actually read a book, but if he could he would say he could read it as easily as the  expressions that cross Laelette's face.

Laelette's shifting broke him away from his thoughts as he felt her soft hands run down his arms clumsily. He hissed had tried to move them away from her touch, but with the cloak around them all he could do was move them up and around her waist. Which, from the contented hum and unconscious pet from one of her hands is exactly what she wanted.

Curse this damned girl. She's a danger to herself and to his control.

Her own arms hugged his sides and warmth was a plentiful thing now as she murmured a 'good night, Kee' to him. She passed out not long after leaving Xal-Kee the only one up with a mind stuck on the shape of her molded to him. He felt heat climbing his neck and face, no one was awake to witness his undoing anyways so fine.

He brought a large hand to her head and pet her unbrushed hair affectionately in the quiet of the night and rain. He lay like that for gods know how long and simply soaked up the feelings his breton invoked in him. She really was far to pure for him.

Xal-Kee fell asleep to nothing but warmth and his breton curled up on him.

Kee woke up to sounds of bodies shifting and popping. Some time during the night the rain had stopped and the sun was doing a rare job and providing warmth.

Kee was on his side, having shifted in his sleep, but Laelette, ever the living, breathing human blanket was still curled up close to him. One arm wrapped around him, along with a leg. He could still feel her skirts bunched up between them while her other leg seemed to have been pulled between his legs as his tail curled around her ankle.

His head lay against his pack and eyes refused to open just yet. He squeezed his arms around her tighter; Laelette mumble something incomprehensible in her sleep and shifted to accommodate his selfish demands. Her leg between his shifted then and he took a sharp in take of breath that brought wakefulness to the forefront of his mind. Blue eyes snapped open as he realized the heat that bad been pooling low in him.

His tail twitched unconsciously around her ankle and he had to make a conscious effort not to squeeze it tight enough to break the bones.

Kee was so mortified that he actually wanted to physically bash his head into the cave wall right now.

Their two other traveling companions, Khepri and Breyela were already starting to get up, Laelette would be asleep until he woke her, but how the hell was he going to fix himself if they were wrapped around each other like this?

Kee shuffled one of his hands free from their cloak cocoon to smack himself on the face as he groaned. That was when Breyela turned to him to stare. He didn' met her eyes.

"...You better not have what I think you have right now against her or I will kill you." she said suspiciously.

Kee made an unpleasant noise of defeat.

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The college was not his favorite place. It was in the coldest region of Skyrim, the halls and dorms were packed with shady mages, and Laelette was always out.

More often than not the moment she and he finished breakfast she was dragged out of his grasp by a handful of handsy mages that made the argonian want to stab something. This typically lead to him skulking back into her dorm room that he guarded like a demented hell hound with scales. If he wasn't huddled under three layers of fur lined blankets looking at the pictures in her personal library, then he was giving threatening glares to men that seemed to thing waiting for his breton in her room for whatever reason was a smart idea.

He knew what men thought about while waiting for women in their rooms. He's been tasked with killing those women or men before. He's one of those men now, and he'd be damned if he left some other bastard try an lure Laelette away from him.

So that was how he spent months on end. Waiting for Laelette to come get him for dinner, sleeping, breakfast, then waiting like the loyal dog he is.

It was painfully boring, and insanely nerve wracking.
Some days, when he felt a particular bout of cabin fever, he would slink out of their shared room to walk the dark corners of the college.

Most days he avoided interacting with the students. It had been made clear none liked the mute argonian that followed his conjurer like a pale shadow, but he didn't like them so it was mutual. However, the Orc librarian wasn't all that bad. Sometimes he would look at the books littered about the library, not really reading, but the action was soothing.

Occationally he would stick to Laelette through the day, glaring at those that got to close. It was how he came to understand Laelette was not as welcome to a lot of the teachers and older students as much as he was only tolerated because Laelette held his collar.

Laelette was as much a conundrum to the collage as he was. For even without the rune collar that had closed off her magika her best and only skill was conjuring weapons. Primarily the bow and arrow.

It did something to Xal-Kee, watching the delicate noble woman wield the ranged weapon, sparing with mages who thought she could be taken down with a few blasts of fire. Watching her completely untethered, dancing around the attacks from a conventional mage to bash his face in with a magic bow.

Was it wrong that Xal-Kee found that unbearably attractive?

Because it was.

Laelette is easy to catch off guard too. The moment the mock fight was over and people flocked around the two combatants, Kee pushed through the crowd and grabbed Laelette.

She looked up at him with a happy smile.

"Kee, did you see me? Was I good?" she asked, and Kee felt heat spread from where her hand touched his arm and he was lost in tunnel vision.

Suddenly there were too many people. Too many unimportant things trying to talk with her, touch her, get her attention. When the only person she needed to look at was him, all she needed was him. Thats how its been the moment their eyes met when she was brought before him in chains.

Kee hardly heard a thing beyond that point as he grasped at the hand on his arm, and then clutched her shoulder and began to steer her out of the training room.

There were protests, he was sure, but one fierce glare behind him left the hall in silence as he spirited his breton away from these overbearing crowds. He hated seeing her around so many people. It disrupted everything.

Laelette's confused questions fell on deaf ears, Kee was far too focused. They made it back to her room in the blink of an eye. Laelette stumbled onto her bed with a yelp and a shove from the albino argonian before he closed and locked the door with a resounding click.

He leaned against the door and watched her with wide, pale eyes as she lifted her upper body up and turned to peer up at him with concern.

Yes. Yes, look at him, look only at him. He's all she needs. Heat spread through him as he watched her on her bed, his breath came out heavy until he could take no more and lunged at her, his last bit of control snapping after so long. Too long.
Laelette was unsure what brought on the sudden behavior. Kee had always been so very protective of her, down right clingy too if she were honest. But it was nothing she did not enjoy. Being with Kee made her feel safe. He protected her when she couldn't protect herself, and in turn she wanted nothing more than to give back even a fraction of that protection now.

But this Kee. This towering presence over her as he stares at her with clouded eyes as she lays with her back to him where he pushed her on the bed was a Kee she doesn't feel right with.

Something in her left a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach and the silence between them was chilling. She couldn't look away from him, for fear he would do something she was sure he'd regret if he was in the right of mind.

The breton flinched as his pale hand found purchase on her shoulder and turned her so she could face him. But the action was rough and left her still at his mercy as he pinned her to the mattress.

"K-Kee? What are you--is everything ok?" she asked softly, unsure what to do about this strange, scary vision of the argonian.

Pale eyes watched her without an answer, they lowered their gaze and Laelette felt her cheeks flush and eyes go ever wider as she felt his hand follow his gaze. She felt it down her shoulder, on her waist, her thigh, until she felt the strong grip lift her leg by the ankle. She squeaked and shot her hand to her skirts that were ridding up high. Of course she was wearing thick leggings for the cold weather, but it was still highly embarrassing.

However, her own hands didn't get very far as Kee's other hands caught them, sending them over her head in an iron grip she didn't have the strength to break.

The grip on her ankle tightened. She winced.

"Xal-Kee?" her voice high and scared.

Maybe, if he broke her bones so she couldn't walk she'd never leave him alone again. She'd need him to carry her.

Maybe she would be afraid of him a little more, but he could live with that because she couldn't cast him away from her, she'd be too reliant on him. Then they could stay together more, she wouldn't have to be surrounded by all these other people that didn't matter.

He doesn't understand why she would let so many strangers around her in the first place. She didn't even look comfortable around them half the time. It was annoying! So annoying.

She has to know how much it annoyed him, she knew him best, she's the only one that knows him best. Because no one else ever tried.

He heard her bones creak with the strength of his grasp. Her breath hitched painfully.

Looking at her face, her green, green eyes were brimming with tears. Xal-Kee twitched.

He didn't like it when she cried.

He leaned down into her, his hand loosening its grip on her ankle as he lay his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled like a man who had been stuck underwater for too long.

She was tense and wound up under him. With a sudden clear feeling of dread he realized he really has scared her.

He groaned into her shoulder and collapsed on top of her, she made a disgruntled noise when his full weight hit her.

They were quiet again, yet this time the tension was easing from their shoulders and taught muscles were relaxing. Laelette tentatively brought her arms around the argonian's wider frame in a loose hug. Kee's shoulders hitched at her touch before they became lax again and she felt his own arms wrap under her to bring them into a bone crushing embrace.

"Xal-Kee, what's gotten into you? You're scaring me." she murmured. The man simply shook his head before lifting himself off of her. Their eyes caught as they stared each other down with a familiar tension that Laelette has found enveloped them both from time to time.

Where they both see no one else in a room but each other.

She recalled Khepri once telling her to be careful around Kee when this kind of tension arose, but she never really understood why.

A hand reach to cup her cheek, and a thumb brushed away at the tears that fell. Still they kept eye contact.

Until a loud knock broke the two out of whatever spell they were under that caused them to jump.

Laelette made to swing her legs over the side of the bed, only to realize they were still very much trapped between Kee's own. And the argonian did not appear to want to move away any time soon.

There was another series of knocks. Laelette opened her mouth to tell whoever was on the other side that she would be a moment, until all her voice was swallowed up by Kee's mouth pressed against hers so quickly and with such force she fell back onto her bed again, with Kee following right after.

She blinked open her eyes in surprise only to find Kee's own pale blue ones peering down at her with an emotion she had seen countless times in his eyes before. And then it clicked.


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