Breyela and Alias

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Breyela and Alias

Post by Pelt of Stary Light on Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:06 am

Breyela woke to the subtle knocking of her maid Marry at her chamber door. "Miss, I brought up your breakfast." Breyela stretched and let out a small groan "Come in." The round little maid came in and settled the breakfast onto her nightstand, and started busying herself with opening the windows to let in some light and fresh air.

"We have got to her that hair of yours a trimming, by this time next month it be nearly to your knees!" Breyela chuckled "Okay, but i don't want it cut but so short alright? last time it was almost chopped completely off."  

Marry was like a mother to Breyela, ever since her mother passed in an alchemy experiment gone wrong when Breyela was just ten years old. Her mother was a very kind Nord woman named Ameilia, and taught her a lot about restoration magic and herbs from the time she was very young. Breyelas father Lord Pytho, a tall and dark haired wood elf, was a very distant and sometimes cruel man. This only worsened with her mothers death, he was constantly gone on business in other countries. Breyela seldom ever said two words to him unless however, they had guests, then they had to put on the pleasantries and were as close as father and daughter could be. So Marry was really the only person she had, and of course, her childhood friend Gailen. They had been raised side by side for as long she could remember. He taught her how to climb trees, snatch sweets and throw daggers. Of course, now its more Breyela teaching him how to throw them.  

 "Oh and don't forget, you have lunch with Sir Gailen today in the Garden at noon."

Heading out of the comfort of her fathers study and smell of old books, she headed down the corridor and out into the beutiful grounds of her woodland home. Going through the twists and turns of small pebbled pathways with flowers on either side of her, and tree limbs just above, she entered a small hallow with a huge eldergleam tree. Its white flowers were in fool bloom, and amoung the brnaches she could just make out a male figure in the giant limbs.

"You know, you'd make a rather ugly bird." she said pulling herself up onto one of the lower branches.

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