Tauriels Back story~

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Tauriels Back story~

Post by Pelt of Stary Light on Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:49 pm

Tauriel was a about 22 years old and was walking in the forest around the early spring when she found Lunar Shadow or Alias. He was wounded by a Timberrwolf and she nursed him back to health. He was going to leave ounce he felt better but he realized that it was wrong to be healed and return the favor, so he stayed and trained Tauriel in the arts of bows and swords (Although she already new a good bit about daggers, he trained her with a sword to just so he could stay and get to know her better.) Slowly and surely they got close and fell in love.

When he told her he was the leader of Silver Crescents theives guild of Valenwood she didn't care. When they asked for her fathers blessing he refused. So they ran away together. They ran the thieves guild side by side for two wonderful years. Then an accident happened on a job and alias was killed. Tauriel fell into a dark place but with the help of Alias's and hers best friend -enter name here- she was able to recover and get the guild back on track and became full leader of the guild. She has never fallen for another and lives in a state of isolation for the most part, And now she goes by her new Theif name given by the god Nocturnal when she became leader of thieves guild, Black Eclipse.
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