Character Back Stories

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Character Back Stories

Post by Pelt of Stary Light on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:19 pm

The Story of Tauriel and Alias...

  As Tauriel walked around the giant forest outside her manor home she admired the wondrous trees covered in new blooms. Spring would be here soon she thought. As she walked further into the great thickets she swore she heard someone breathing heavily. She stopped and listened carefully and could here it was close by, she tip toed across the forest floor toward the noise. She emerged in a small clearing a young elf was lying there, not even thinking she ran to him. She leaned over him to examine what was wrong. He had fallen unconscious. He had been bitten by what look like a wolf. quickly she tore a piece of her cloak and pushed it into his wound, she had learned a bit about herbs from her time at the healing temple, and looked around for some stinging nettle, she spotted some a few feet away and grabbed them, and pressed them into the wound.

  How would she drag him back to the house? She thought for a minute and remembered what her grandmother taught her. She whispered a silent prayer and moments later, a huge elf emerged from the bush, she approached it slowly and touched its great head, and leaned hers to it. "Thank you for coming." She whispered. She lead it over to the poor elf's body and it bent down. As she was dragging the man onto the elk she realized what strange Armour he had on, it had an emblem, she had seen it before but couldn't place where. She ignored it and lead the elk back to her manor.

2 weeks later-
Tauriel awoke in her chambers, the light of dawn slowly seeping through the silky curtains over her window. She Stretched and let out a large yawn. She got up and brushed her long wavy hair and braided it. She threw on a Green robe like dress and walked out the door. She walked Steadily toward the room with her patient inside. He awoke for a split second two days ago but has been out since. The wound he suffered was not from a normal wolf, but from a timber wolf. Timber wolf bites are much worse than any other because they inject a sort of poison into the blood stream and it renders the victim unconscious, sometimes for weeks, if the survive the attack at all.

She opened the door and walked over to the bedside. She looked at him for a moment he was very handsome, strong as well. She shook her head and began unwrapping the wound, it was almost healed but the poison had obviously not worn off. She got up to get more bandages, when at ounce, he grabbed her arm and started coughing she quickly grabbed some water and offered it to him. He sipped quickly and then spoke "Who are you!? Where am I!?" his voice was urgent.  "I am Tauriel, and this is my home, you have been out for 2 weeks. The poison from your wound was strong, and i have done by best to heal it. If i may ask Who are you?"      

  He opened his mouth as to speak then shut it, then made up his mind and said "Lunar Shadow, I was on my way home from a business trip, then i was ambushed by those damn timber wolves." Tauriel thought for a moment and said "Well now that your awake lets get you something to eat. Can you walk?" "Yes." he said as he gave a curt nod. "okay Follow me then." She led him down a hallway with rose gold branch like trim all over the Light green walls. She turned and then went through a small door that opened up into a large kitchen with about three workers busying about trying to get things done. "Amary could you whip out some water and butter bread for our guest please?" "Of course miss." she spoke with a quaint voice she was about 50 old years now and had worked there for as long a Tauriel could remember. "would you like anything yourself miss?" "No thank you."

Ounce Lunar was done she brought him back to his room and before leaving him alone in his chambers she asked "Do you plan on staying long, or do you have family waiting for you?" "I will leave soon as i feel i'm able, but no I, I don't." She could tell he wanted to be left to himself so she did just that and waved good bye and started towards her room.

The next morning Tauriel hurried to get ready, for she new that her father would be back from his trip and would not want her to be bringing in strangers without permission. so she hurried down the glorious hallways and made her way outside and waited for him. Not two minutes later his horse emerged over the small hilly road making their way towards her. When they stopped before her she bowed her head and greeted her father Lord Garrick "How was it?" she asked. "Good, easy going but the timber wolves this season have been horrid, now child what do mean to say you look urgent." "I saved a man in the woods two weeks ago... and brought him here to let him heal. I know you don't like strangers but i couldn't leave him there. he was wounded badly." her father she could tell was cross but he didn't refuse. "You look like you need some rest, please come in for lunch." she escorted him inside.

1 week later-
Tauriel knocked on Lunar's door wanting to wish him luck on his journey he was planing on leaving today. "Hello? Lunar? Are you in there?" The door opened and she saw him in the clothes they brought up for him. In them you couldnt tell he had every been in the dirty helpless state he was when she found him. He looked Dignified, Tauriel caught a bit of sorrow at the idea of him leaving. "Yes?" he said. "I wanted to tell you goodbye before you left." "Actually i'm not leaving. It would feel right to me. I want to return the service you gave me in some way." Tauriel thought for a moment. She new a lot already, but she always wanted to learn to shoot a bow, and he new how. "How about you teach me to fight? I want to learn to use a bow. I know a bit about dagger throwing and fighting with them, but i really would like to learn how to shoot a bow." He stood and thought for a moment "Okay lets do it. Can you supply the weaponry?" "Yes, I can" she smiled and went off into the manor towards the guards armory with him walking close behind her.

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